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+48 660 444 227

Heating & CO2 instalations

When it comes to make the installation works for the heating installation HSG KOPPERT is the right partner to choose.

HSG KOPPERT is working together with teams which are skilled have an eye for details and have years of experience, With HSG KOPPERT you can be sure that you will have a nice warm climate in the greenhouse for your plants.

HSG KOPPERT can provides the following works:

  • Mounting of complete heating installation
  • Mounting of complete boiler rooms
  • Mounting of floor heating in service/packing areas
  • Mounting of heat storage tanks
  • Renovation works of old heating installations
  • Removal and replacing of old heating installations
  • Painting and isolation works

​(*Other client´s special requirements may be the subject of the order/contract based on mutual discussions/consultations)